baby einstein piano songs

Baby Einstein is one of the most popular series of toys for babies. It’s a pretty basic idea – make something fun for babies and get paid for it. But there are a few aspects to the Baby Einstein brand that help it stand out from the crowd. It brings a really simple, engaging idea…

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yamaha digital piano headphone jack

Pianos are generally not one of the first things that come to mind when you think about technology. Although the piano is an essential part of music, it was a lot more rudimentary compared to today’s electronic instruments. Yamaha has been offering digital pianos since 1996. These instruments provide a fun and interactive experience for…

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melissa and doug piano replacement parts

Melissa and Doug Replacement Parts Melissa & Doug Deluxe Easel Paper Roll Replacement (18 inches x 75 feet) – 3-Pack tune melissa and doug piano

simply piano usb ipad

Simply Piano is a new app that gives you the ability to play your favorite songs on an acoustic piano. Simply Piano is the first of its kind, and delivers an experience like no other. Not only does it give you the chance to play any song, with any piano and on any surface, but…

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6 fingered piano player

This kind of piano is believed to have been made by Johann Sebastian Bach. The 6 fingered piano is also known as a “pianola” and can be played by using only the middle fingers on each hand. It was an unusual musical instrument for its time because the music sounded unlike any other. If someone…

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