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Piano Sheet Music Easy is a very useful website for beginners and intermediate pianists who want to learn new songs. This site includes a large collection of songs, which are divided into different categories like classical, pop, rock, jazz, easy listening, and much more. practice learn and enjoy.

Find Your Sheet Music By Key Scale And Styles

Key :AKey:BKey: CKey: DKey: EKey: FKey: G
A MajorB MajorC MajorD MajorE MajorF MajorG Major
A MinorB MinorC MinorD MinorE MinorF MinorG Minor
Ab MajorBb MajorC# MajorDb MajorEb MajorF# MajorGb Major
Ab MinorBb MinorC# MinorD# MinorEb MinorF# MinorG# Minor
Styles –PopPop RockR & BJazz RockChristmas
Styles –ReggaeFolkTraditionalclassicalHip HopSoundtrack

Scales are the most basic building blocks in music. That’s why it is a good idea to take the time to practice them thoroughly.

But be careful: Practice really needs time. Start playing slowly and strive for accuracy. Only when you’ve succeded in playing exactly and evenly all the notes of a scale you should start increasing speed.

leticia r beverly

Leticia – Pianists

Hi, my name is Leticia R. Beverly and I am the founder of Piano Sheet Music Easy.

I’ve been playing Piano for over 3 years and this is the place where I love to share my knowledge and sheet music with beginner and intermediate pianists who want to improve their skills and knowledge of music.

Browse Tunes by Difficulty Level

All of the pieces in our collection are rated according to their level of difficulty.

We only label pieces as “easy” if they can be played at a comfortable speed.We label pieces as “intermediate” if they can be played well by the average amateur with some practice.Finally, we label as “advanced” those pieces that require a lot of time and effort.

Common Practical Tips for Pianists

Before touching the piano keys, warm up your fingers and wrist with slow and soft rotating motions and light stretching. Rotate your shoulders and arms.

To begin with, practice hands separately, slowly, and in small one-two bar bits.
Study the harder passages first and do it often.

  • Take care to arch your fingers. This is important for the health of your wrists and palms.
  • Slacking your fingers will overwork them and will cause strain in muscles.
  • Keep relaxed, flexible wrists, hands, and arms when playing Tequila.
  • A flexible wrist allows producing a warm sound.
  • Both hands should play smoothly (legato) if not indicated the opposite (staccato).

How to read piano sheet music

You can learn how to read piano sheet music by doing some research on the internet. There are several websites that offer tutorials on how to read piano sheet music. You can also find videos on YouTube and Google search results that will help you understand the basic notes and which finger goes wherein certain songs.

You can also get help from your teacher if he/she is willing to show you step by step how to read piano sheet music. Once you have learned how to read piano sheet music, you need to practice so that it becomes a habit for you. Practice reading different types of songs and play them at least 5 times a week or more depending on your goals as an aspiring pianist.

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Piano Sheet Music Easy is a great resource for all pianists. who want to learn new songs. 

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