Why Choose Lester Piano for Your Musical Journey

Lester Piano Company is an American piano manufacturer based in Richmond, Indiana. The company was founded in 1884 by Benjamin Lester and today is run by his great-grandson, Richard. Lester produces a full line of acoustic pianos, from grands to uprights, and also offers a digital piano.

Lester Piano is one of the most popular brands of pianos in the world. They are known for their quality craftsmanship and beautiful sound. Many famous pianists have chosen Lester as their instrument of choice, including Liberace, Ray Charles, and Billy Joel.

Chopin Prelude: Lester Piano – Betsy Ross Spinet


What is a Lester Piano Worth?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the value of a Lester piano. This is because the value can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the age and condition of the piano, as well as its provenance. Generally speaking, however, a Lester piano is likely to be worth anywhere between $500 and $5,000.

Is Lester a Good Brand of Piano?

There is no simple answer to the question of whether Lester is a good brand of piano. The quality of any given piano is determined by a number of factors, including the materials used in its construction, the skill of the craftsman who built it, and the conditions under which it has been maintained. A piano that has been well-built from high-quality materials and well-maintained will usually be a good instrument, regardless of its brand.

That said, there are some brands that are generally considered to be more reliable than others, and Lester pianos fall into this category. While there is no guarantee that every Lester piano is a great instrument, the odds are good that you will be happy with your purchase if you choose this brand.

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Do They Still Make Lester Pianos?

Yes, Lester pianos are still being manufactured by the Kawai Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company. Kawai acquired the Lester Piano Company in 1965 and has continued to produce high-quality pianos under the Lester name. Today, Lester remains a respected brand in the piano industry, known for its handmade craftsmanship and attention to detail.

If you’re looking for a quality piano with a rich history, a Lester piano may be the perfect choice for you.

When Did Lester Stop Making Pianos?

Lester stopped making pianos in the early 1920s. The company had been in business for over 50 years and was one of the leading manufacturers of pianos in the United States. The company was founded by Benjamin Lester in 1868.

Lester Piano

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Lester Piano Wikipedia

Lester Piano Company is an American piano manufacturing company based in Richmond, Virginia. The company was founded in 1884 by Willis I. Lester and has been in continuous operation since then. Lester pianos are known for their quality craftsmanship and durability, and are used by many professional pianists and institutions around the world.

Lester Piano Worth

If you are thinking about purchasing a Lester Piano, you may be wondering how much it is worth. The value of a Lester Piano can vary depending on its age, condition, and features. However, on average, a Lester Piano is worth between $3,000 and $5,000.

If you are interested in purchasing a Lester Piano, be sure to do your research to ensure that you are getting a fair price.

Lester Piano Company Serial Number

Lester Piano Company Serial Number: The Lester Piano Company was founded in 1884 by entrepreneur Jacob D. Lester. The company built upright and grand pianos, and was known for their high quality craftsmanship.

Each Lester piano had a unique serial number that allowed the company to keep track of their inventory. Today, the Lester Piano Company is no longer in business, but their pianos are still sought after by collectors and music lovers alike. If you have a Lester piano, you can use the serial number to date your instrument and learn more about its history.

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Lester Piano Age

Lester Piano Age is a blog dedicated to helping people find the age of their Lester piano. The site includes a searchable database of over 200,000 pianos, as well as a forum where users can ask questions and share information.

Lester Piano Spinet

A spinet is a small, upright piano. It is usually about 36 inches (91 cm) high and has a much shallower depth than a full-size upright piano. A spinet typically has 38 or 39 keys, compared to 88 for a full-size piano.

The sound of a spinet is also different from that of an upright; it is softer and more subdued.

Lester Piano Philadelphia

Lester Piano Company is a piano manufacturer located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1892 by Henry Lester and produces a variety of grand, upright, and player pianos. Lester Piano Company has won numerous awards for its products and is considered one of the leading manufacturers of quality pianos in the United States.

Lester Piano Weight

A piano’s weight is determined by many factors, but the most important factor is the type of wood used in its construction. For example, a grand piano can weigh anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pounds (227 to 454 kilograms). The weight of an upright piano depends on its height; they typically weigh between 400 and 600 pounds (181 and 272 kg).


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