3d dot game heroes breakout piano

A breakout game is a classic game that is played on consoles, arcade machines, and computers alike. It’s a single-player game where a player controls a paddle and tries to hit a ball that bounces off the four walls of a rectangular court.

If a player misses a ball a wall will move in and if a player misses a few ***** the court will get smaller and smaller. Well, a company called System Era has created a sequel to this popular game called 3d dot game heroes breakout piano. It’s a good little game and if you would like to play it for free please follow this link.


These days are known as the outro for most, if not all, Scott The Woz episodes. It’s Awesome Baby! was Scott The Woz Christmas special and the 100th episode of the series. It featured a lot of original music, guest stars, 2d and 3d animation, and this remix of the ‘Breakout’ song from 3D Dot Game Heroes.

Another sheet music  Free printable sheet music for music students

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