C major Scale On Piano

The key of C major is built on the pitch C, and consists of the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. This key is used often in music, as it is one of the most common keys. There are no flats or sharps in the key signature for C major. The relative minor of C major is A minor, and the parallel minor is C minor.

The C major scale is:

C major

C major
Relative key A minor
Parallel key C minor
Dominant key G major
Subdominant F major

C Major Scale For Piano

Here’s a quick demonstration of the C Major Scale on the piano. We’ll start by playing it with one hand, one octave. Then, we’ll add the other hand and play two octaves. Try playing quarter-notes, then eighth-notes, and then sixteenths. Pay close attention to the fingerings.


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