does simply piano work? in-depth review

Simply Piano is a popular piano learning app designed to teach users how to play the piano through interactive lessons and practice exercises.

Learning to play the piano has always been a dream for many, but it often comes with the challenge of finding the right resources and guidance. Simply Piano claims to be the solution to this problem, offering a user-friendly app that promises to teach anyone how to play the piano. However, with so many piano learning apps and programs available today, it’s essential to determine whether Simply Piano lives up to its claims.

Overview of Simply Piano:

Simply Piano is a piano learning app developed by JoyTunes, a well-known music education company. The app uses interactive technology and AI to provide personalized lessons to users of all levels, from beginners to advanced players. The lessons are designed to be engaging and intuitive, making it easier for users to progress at their own pace.

How Does Simply Piano Work?

Simply Piano utilizes cutting-edge technology that listens to users play their real or digital piano and provides instant feedback. The app features a wide range of songs, exercises, and lessons that cater to different skill levels and musical genres. It uses gamification techniques to keep users motivated and encourages regular practice to improve their piano skills.

How Simply Piano Works:

Interactive Technology: Simply Piano utilizes cutting-edge interactive technology that listens to the user playing their piano or digital keyboard. The app’s AI-powered system recognizes the notes being played and provides real-time feedback on accuracy and timing.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The app features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to navigate for learners of all ages and skill levels. The interface guides users through various lessons and exercises.
  2. Step-by-Step Lessons: Simply Piano offers a structured and progressive curriculum with step-by-step lessons. Beginners start with foundational concepts and gradually advance to more complex techniques and pieces.
  3. Vast Song Library: The app boasts an extensive song library covering various musical genres, from classical to popular songs. This diversity allows users to practice and play the music they enjoy.
  4. Gamification: Simply Piano incorporates gamification elements to keep learners engaged and motivated. Users earn rewards and achievements as they progress through lessons and practice regularly.
  5. Personalized Learning: The app adapts to individual learning styles and progress. Based on the user’s performance and preferences, Simply Piano tailors lessons to suit their skill level and pace.
  6. Both Hands Practice: Learners are encouraged to practice with both hands to develop coordination and fluency. The app guides users through exercises designed to improve their hand independence.
  7. Reading Sheet Music: Simply Piano includes lessons on reading sheet music, helping users become proficient in understanding musical notation and symbols.
  8. Play by Ear: Users have the option to learn how to play songs by ear, a valuable skill for improvisation and playing without relying on sheet music.
  9. Progress Tracking: The app tracks users’ progress, providing detailed reports on their performance, achievements, and areas for improvement. This feature helps users monitor their growth and set goals.
  10. Regular Updates: Simply Piano often receives updates with new lessons, songs, and features, ensuring that learners have fresh content and experiences to explore.
  11. Compatible with Real and Digital Pianos: The app can be used with both acoustic pianos and digital keyboards, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
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Key Features of Simply Piano:

Simply Piano offers a variety of features, including step-by-step lessons, a vast library of songs, video tutorials, and progress tracking. The app also allows users to practice using both hands, learn to read sheet music, and play by ear. With its user-friendly interface, Simply Piano aims to make learning the piano accessible and enjoyable.

User Reviews and Testimonials:

Understanding what users have to say about Simply Piano is crucial in evaluating its effectiveness. Many users appreciate the app’s interactive lessons and progress-tracking features. However, some may have experienced difficulties with the app’s note-recognition system or found certain lessons challenging.

Success Stories from Simply Piano Users:

Success stories from users who have mastered the piano with Simply Piano can provide valuable insights into the app’s effectiveness. These stories highlight the app’s ability to cater to individual learning styles and help users achieve their musical goals.

Comparison with Other Piano Learning Apps:

To determine whether Simply Piano stands out among its competitors, we’ll compare it with other popular piano learning apps. This comparison will consider factors such as teaching methods, user feedback, pricing, and overall effectiveness.

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Effectiveness and Efficiency of Simply Piano:

Analyzing the app’s effectiveness in terms of skill development, efficiency, and overall learning experience will provide an objective assessment of Simply Piano’s capabilities.

Learning Experience and User Interface:

The learning experience and user interface play significant roles in a piano learning app’s success. We’ll explore how Simply Piano’s interface impacts the user experience and whether it helps or hinders the learning process.

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Simply Piano: Pros and Cons:

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses. By identifying the pros and cons of Simply Piano, we can give readers a well-rounded understanding of the app’s overall value and limitations.

1. Interactive Lessons1. Note Recognition Challenges
2. Vast Song Library2. Some Lessons may be Challenging
3. Personalized Learning3. Limited Free Content
4. Progress Tracking4. App Dependency
5. User-Friendly Interface5. Potential Incompatibility with Devices
6. Suitable for All Levels6. Requires Regular Practice
7. Teaches Reading Sheet Music7. Limited Instructor Interaction
8. Motivating Gamification8. Internet Connection Required
9. Regular Updates9. Subscription Costs
10. Success Stories10. Not Suitable for Advanced Players

Expert Opinions on Simply Piano:

Seeking insights from piano teachers, music educators, and experts in the field will help us understand the app’s merits from a professional perspective. Experts can provide valuable insights into the app’s pedagogy and how it aligns with traditional piano learning methods.

User-Friendly Learning Approach:

Many experts on piano forums appreciate Simply Piano’s user-friendly learning approach. Its interactive lessons and gamification techniques engage learners, making the piano learning journey enjoyable and motivating.

Effective for Beginners:

Simply Piano is often praised for being an excellent option for beginners. Its step-by-step lessons and visual aids help novices grasp piano fundamentals and basic skills more easily.

Support for Music Reading:

Experts often highlight the app’s effectiveness in teaching music reading and sheet music interpretation. This skill is crucial for any aspiring pianist to progress beyond playing by ear.

Supplemental Practice Tool:

For piano teachers, Simply Piano can be a valuable supplemental tool for their students. It provides additional exercises and song options that students can use alongside traditional lessons.

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Improvement in Note Recognition:

While some users might have reported challenges with the note recognition system in the past, experts recognize that technology evolves rapidly, and improvements may have been made to address such issues.

Complement to Traditional Instruction: For those taking formal piano lessons, experts often suggest using Simply Piano as a supplementary practice tool to reinforce concepts learned during in-person instruction.

Motivation and Engagement: The gamified elements of Simply Piano help users stay motivated and engaged in their piano practice, which can lead to better progress and consistent learning.

It’s important to note that expert opinions can vary, and new information or experiences might have emerged since my last update in September 2021. For the most current and detailed expert opinions, I recommend visiting piano forums, music education websites, and seeking out reviews from reputable sources in the field of music education and piano instruction.

6 FAQ from Google People Also Ask and Answers:

Does Simply Piano really teach you how to play the piano?
Yes, Simply Piano uses a combination of interactive lessons, instant feedback, and a vast song library to help users learn and improve their piano skills.

Is Simply Piano suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Simply Piano is designed for users of all levels, from absolute beginners to experienced players.

Can I learn to read sheet music with Simply Piano?
Yes, Simply Piano includes lessons to help users learn to read sheet music and understand musical notation.

Does Simply Piano work with both real and digital pianos?
Yes, Simply Piano is compatible with both real acoustic pianos and digital keyboards.

Are the lessons personalized to individual learning styles?
Yes, Simply Piano utilizes AI technology to personalize lessons based on the user’s progress and learning style.

How much does Simply Piano cost?
Simply Piano offers both free and paid subscription plans, with the paid version providing access to more features and content.


Simply Piano is an innovative piano learning app that combines interactive technology with personalized lessons to teach users how to play the piano effectively. The app’s user-friendly interface, vast song library, and progress tracking features have made it a popular choice among beginners and experienced players alike. While some users may encounter challenges with the app’s note recognition system or certain lessons, the overall effectiveness of Simply Piano is undeniable, with many success stories attesting to its value as a piano learning tool.

Before choosing Simply Piano or any other piano learning app, individuals should consider their specific goals, preferences, and commitment to regular practice. For those looking to embark on a fulfilling musical journey and develop their piano skills at their own pace, Simply Piano can be an excellent companion on their musical adventure.

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