best youtube channel for learning piano dedicated to teaching piano

Learning to play the piano is a beautiful journey that can enrich your life with the joy of music. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pianist looking to enhance your skills, YouTube has become a treasure trove of piano learning channels.


Pianote is a renowned YouTube channel known for its structured approach to piano lessons. With a team of experienced instructors, they cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Their comprehensive tutorials cover everything from basic music theory to advanced techniques, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Hoffman Academy:

Perfect for young learners and beginners of all ages, Hoffman Academy offers engaging and interactive piano lessons. Joseph Hoffman’s charismatic teaching style and child-friendly content make it an excellent choice for families looking to introduce their children to the world of music.


PianoTV is a versatile channel that offers a variety of piano-related content. From lessons and tutorials to in-depth discussions about music theory and history, this channel caters to music enthusiasts who want to dive deep into the world of piano.


HDpiano prides itself on providing accurate transcriptions of popular songs, making it a top choice for those eager to play their favorite tunes on the piano. Their high-quality video and audio production create an immersive learning experience.

Piano with Jonny:

If you’re looking to learn jazz piano or improvise, Piano with Jonny is the go-to channel. Jonny May’s expertise in jazz and blues piano shines through his tutorials, enabling learners to add flair and creativity to their playing.

Playground Sessions:

Playground Sessions combines traditional piano lessons with interactive technology. With features like real-time feedback and gamified learning, this channel makes the learning process fun and engaging for all ages.

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The Online Piano & Violin Tutor:

As the name suggests, this channel offers piano and violin lessons for beginners. The clear and concise tutorials, coupled with regular updates, make it a valuable resource for anyone starting their musical journey.

Peter PlutaX:

Known for his entertaining piano covers of popular songs, Peter PlutaX’s channel is perfect for those who want to play modern hits on the piano. While not strictly a tutorial channel, his arrangements come with visual aids, making them accessible to learners of various skill levels.


Rousseau’s channel features captivating piano performances, often with visually stunning animations. Although not primarily a tutorial channel, it provides inspiration and showcases the artistic possibilities of piano playing.

Liberty Park Music:

Liberty Park Music covers a wide range of musical instruments, including the piano. Their well-structured lessons and diverse repertoire cater to learners looking for a comprehensive musical education.

People Also Ask:

What are the best YouTube channels for beginner piano lessons?
Answer: Pianote, Hoffman Academy, and Playground Sessions are excellent choices for beginner piano lessons. They offer structured and engaging tutorials suitable for novices.

Which YouTube channel is best for learning advanced piano techniques?
Answer: PianoTV and HDpiano are two channels that cater to advanced players, offering in-depth tutorials and challenging repertoire.

Can I learn jazz piano on YouTube?
Answer: Absolutely! Piano with Jonny is a highly recommended channel for learning jazz piano and improvisation techniques.

Are there channels that teach how to play specific songs on the piano?
Answer: Yes, Peter PlutaX and HDpiano are well-known for providing accurate transcriptions of popular songs, making them perfect for song-specific learning.

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How can YouTube help me learn piano if I’m a visual learner?
Answer: Channels like Rousseau use visually appealing animations to accompany their piano performances, making it easier for visual learners to grasp the music.

Are there channels that cover both piano and music theory?
Answer: Yes, PianoTV and Liberty Park Music offer a mix of piano tutorials and music theory discussions, providing a well-rounded learning experience.


The journey of learning piano has been made more accessible and enjoyable with the abundance of educational content on YouTube. From structured lessons for beginners to advanced techniques and even song-specific tutorials, the variety of piano learning channels caters to different preferences and skill levels.

Whether you’re passionate about classical music, jazz, or pop, these YouTube channels offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help you unlock your musical potential. Embrace the joy of music and embark on your piano learning adventure with the best YouTube channels as your guiding companions. Happy playing!

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