00000 million piano tutorial -Verse, Chorus

00000 million piano tutorial application with a view to making piano easy to learn. The tutorial is simple and easy to understand for those who are just starting out and also fun and engaging for those who have been playing for years.


About “00000 Million (1,000,000 Million)”

Song: 00000 Million Artist: Bon Iver Album: 22, A Million This is an open tuning version I thought I’d share. It isn’t based on a live version, it’s simply something I came up with while using my open-tuned guitar. Enjoy!

  • D: 000000 00000-million-piano-tutorial
  • G: 550500
  • A: 770700
  • Bm: 990800
  • F#m: 440300
  • G/D: 020100 [Verse 1]

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  Verse 1

Must’ve been fDorces, that took me on them wGild cDourses
Who knows how many Dposes that I’ve been Ain
But them the main cDlosest, hark! It gives Gmeaning Dmine
I cannot really pDost this, ah Afeel the Dsigns


I worried ’bout Bmrain and I wAorried bout lDightning
But I watched them F#moff to the lightA of the morning
Marking the Bmslope, slung loAw in the hDighlands
(Where the Gdays have no numbeArs)
If it’s hDarmed, it’s harmed me, it’llG/D harm, I let it in D G

Verse 2

Oh, the old Dmodus: out to be lGeading lDive
Said, comes the old pDonens, demit to stArive
A word about GDnosis: it ain’t gonna bGuy the gDroceries
Or middle-out lDocusts, or weAigh to fDind


I hurry ’bout sBmhame and I wAorry ’bout a wDorn path
And I wander F#moff, just to cAome back home
Turning to wBmaltz, hold hAigh in the lDowlands
(Cause the dGays have no numbeArs)
It hDarms me, it harms me, it hG/Darms like a lamb D G

Verse 3

So I can deDpose this, partial to the bGleeding vDines
Suppose you can’t Dhold shit, how high I’ve bAeen
What a river don’t kDnow is to climb out and hGeed a lDine
To slow among rDoses or sAtay beDhind


I’ve been to that gBmrove
Where no mAatter the sDource is
And I walked it oF#mff, how long I’d Alast
Sore-ring to cBmope, whole Aband on the cDanyon
(When the dGays have no numbeArs)
Well it haDrms me, it harms me, it G/Dharms me, I’ll let it in D

00000 Million – Bon Iver Piano Cover

I can play the piano, the guitar, the drums, and some other instruments – Making and playing music is my life, from covers to original songs. Since sharing what I love makes me happy, this year I decided to do it a little bit more. Piano instrumental of ‘00000 Million’ by Bon Iver played by Sam Crowley.

Bon Iver – 00000 Million – Official Lyric Video

This song is a great end to the album. I also find it the best example of the evolution of his music if listened to right after Beth/Rest from the last album, and then listen to the rest of 22, a million. It essentially shows the stylistic progression.

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About this song: I think one of the last lines – “What a river don’t know is to climb out and heed a line to slow among roses or stay behind” – really explains the deeper meaning of the whole thing: Justin compares himself to a river that’s rushing through life through a worn-out path, (via the circulation of water) always coming home, while he can’t stop to rush through things that take a lot of time and stopping – like faith, his band, relationships, etc.

Finding out about Bon Iver changed my life. Half a year ago I used to be very shy and didn’t have many friends and I was okay with it. But one day I saw a live version of skinny love in my recommendations and decided to watch it. It was like I was thrown in a pit of feels and the only way I could get out was listening to more Bon Iver and facing my fears of getting hurt by others.

My journey is still not complete but right now I can say I am way more open-minded, have fewer problems talking to new people, and have a way more positive approach to life. Thank you, Justin, Sean, and all the others that made this possible

Conclusions || 00000 million piano tutorial

You can never get enough 00000 million piano lessons, but it is challenging if you have a busy schedule. If you are a busy person who is also passionate about learning, then you can take advantage of online piano lessons.

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