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Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” is one of the most popular songs in the world. It is also one of the most covered songs. Although, originally written for a different purpose, but still it holds strong with its message of hope and love. Hallelujah has been used in various movies, documentaries, TV shows, and other places too. And now you can have your own version to cheer up your moods on this festival season.

Leonard Cohen has written some of the most beautiful songs ever, and Hallelujah is no exception. The song was first released in 1984, on the singer’s album Various Positions. Hallelujah has since become one of Cohen’s best-known songs, topping many music charts and appearing on albums by other artists.

You may have never heard of Hallelujah. But that doesn’t mean you haven’t heard it. The song, written by Leonard Cohen in 1984, has been covered numerous times. The Canadian singer was the first person to use the word “hallelujah” in a mainstream setting.

Leonard Cohen has released his latest album titled “You Want It Darker”, which includes the song Hallelujah. The lyrics of this song are based on an interview he had with an Israeli reporter in 1984. After watching the interview, Cohen rewrote the song by putting all that was said into words.
“On my first visit to Israel, I interviewed a young man who came out of the kibbutz movement.

Hallelujah sheet music pdf

The Hallelujah piano sheet is a beautiful masterpiece that expresses the emotional state of an artist. Composer Leonard Bernstein first wrote this popular song in 1967, but he never gave it to anyone to perform. It was only until 1985 that composer Stephen Sondheim found out about this beautiful piano sheet and decided to give it life by creating music for it.

Another sheet music  you say piano sheet music


give life to this song and make it your anthem, by downloading the free Hallelujah 15 versions in PDF below.

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About Hallelujah Song

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Released: December 1984
Writer: Leonard Cohen
Track length: 4:36
Album: Various Positions
Producer: John Lissauer
Label: Columbia
Genre: Folk Rock, Pop



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